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$8 fancy coffee drink or $8 sausage? Why is one seen as too expensive?

$8 fancy coffee drink or $8 sausage? Why is one seen as too expensive?

I don’t begrudge anyone the right to buy a fancy coffee — heaven knows that a certain Seattle-based chain probably has a shrine to my husband in their corporate headquarters. But it’s sad when we’re willing to drop $5-8 on a drink that will be gone in twenty minutes while providing no real nourishment and then shrink in horror from the price of a package of high-quality, local sausage (or a whole, pasture-raised chicken, or a dozen fresh eggs). We could drink Folgers at home or a $1 fast food coffee, but we consider “fancy” coffee to be worth the price. Yet we’re so accustomed to the cheap, grocery store meats (the equivalent of the fast food brew) that we don’t see the value of the more costly local alternative.

Corva Bella Farm

I posted this on Instagram the other day, while we were set up at the farmers market. My post was a reaction to a common situation that small farmer’s face- being made to feel that our product is too expensive, but seeing those same people who hold that notion- spending money freely on items that they perceive to have value. In this example, that item was expensive coffee drinks. I got some hassle online over this example, because some felt my example wasn’t fair because I didn’t show the cost and labor breakdown for what it took to produce that cup of coffee, such as beans being grown and roasted, or a cup being manufactured. That’s not what this example is about. In it’s simplest terms, this example is about how we live in a society that will readily drop $8 on a unicorn frappuccino or other fancy beverage, but…

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