The Brooder is Full of Fluffybutts


So, this is where we left them. The ten that hatched on Saturday had just been moved to the brooder. They were dry to the touch, but they didn’t look like it.


After about forty-five minutes, they were fluffing up and seemed much more comfortable with their new surroundings. They were also already interested in food and water!


A few hours later they had truly turned into fluffybutts.


The Boy was a little under the weather that day, but wild horses couldn’t have kept him away from those chicks!


This little one was the last to hatch. If my attempts at feather-sexing are accurate, I think this is a pullet. And if so, her name shall be Godiva.


Godiva is on the front right. The other brown one on the left is super mischievous and adorable. He (again, my best guess from feather-sexing) follows my hand around whenever I reach into the brooder for anything, pecking at my ring and basically attempting to jump into my palm. Fuzzy little troublemaker!


Now, of course, we’re in the early stages of a “major winter weather event.” If we get the ice they’re forecasting, we’ll probably have a lot of trees and power lines down. And if that happens, I’m going to have to try to keep these chicks warm on the hearth while also keeping my very curious eleven-month-old away from them! I would love to think that we might just get six or eight inches of snow and be able to keep our power, but from the models they’re showing, I’m finding it hard to be optimistic. So I’m preparing for the worst case scenario and hoping that I’ll be able to keep these little ones alive through it all.


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