Thursday Randomness


1. The windows are open wide and the attic fan is on, because we’re getting a delicious taste of autumn today. It’s 70 degrees outside with no humidity. I would like this weather nine months of the year, please.

2. My Baby is too big for his swing. His feet are hanging off the end, and he’s too heavy for it to actually swing anymore. He also has two teeth and may have said “dada” last night.

3. I love my Ergo carrier. So does he. It makes shopping trips and mountain visits so much more comfortable for both of us.

My little koala bear.

My little koala bear.

4. We’ve gotten eight eggs so far today. Four white, three brown, and one creamy little Silkie egg. There are probably more out there waiting to be collected by now.

5. I do not like spiders in the house. As of the past few days, though, they seem to really like being here. Must find eco-friendly option for treating the attic, which seems to be their stronghold.

This one is happy outside. Good spider.

This one is happy outside. Good spider.

6. Coconut oil is my current minor obsession. I love it for cooking and baking, and it’s fixed every little skin issue The Baby has had. Plus, it’s cloth diaper friendly!

7. The Boy had his first experience with dunking Oreos in milk and declared it to be “good.” Now I want to try the homemade Oreos recipe I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Buy Nabisco stock now!

Buy Nabisco stock now!

8. I do not know how I feel about the Twelfth Doctor. I do, however, think that he will look more suitable with River Song.

9. Coincidentally, our new golden retriever puppy is named River Song. If her name had a subtitle, it would be “Trouble in a Fur Coat.” The Boy loves her.

Up to no good.

Up to no good.

10. We’re having pork loin for supper tonight. It will be rubbed with salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika. I saw a recipe on Rachael Ray, though, that uses garlic, green onions, fennel, and all kinds of good stuff. Must remember to buy fennel bulbs.

11. I have a new favorite breakfast — homemade “Bo-berry” biscuits. They’re ridiculously good. Try them. Seriously. Find the recipe here, on my friend Rene’s blog.

I'm drooling just looking at the photo.

I’m drooling just looking at the photo.

12. It turns out that laundry piles are not like compost piles. No matter how long you let them sit, they do not break down into something else. They just keep sitting.

13. I realized a few weeks ago that the vast majority of my favorite TV shows and movies are BBC productions. Why is their stuff so much better? And will Sherlock ever come back? I miss it so.

14. My dad turned 80 last week. At our family dinner on Saturday night, he mentioned that the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on his twelfth birthday. His dad was born in 1893 and fought in the First World War, and his brother served in the Pacific in WWII. Having older parents makes all that history seem much more recent.

15. Ben just got home. The Baby dove into his arms. I’m pretty sure that has to make his day.

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