Easter Bunnies


We had five newborn bunnies this Easter morning. They don’t appear to have brought candy or colorful eggs, but they’re all wiggly and healthy. It looks like we have three black/dark ones and two white ones, all cozily buried inside this nest of fur.

They’re a day or two earlier than I expected, and the doe showed no sign yesterday of being close to kindling. Unfortunately, that means that I hadn’t put the enclosed “labor and delivery” box in her cage yet, so I had to transfer the babies this morning, which did not make her happy.

This particular doe has never been really friendly, but she’s in super-defensive mode right now, growling and lungeing at anyone or anything that gets close. I’m going to leave her completely alone for the next week or so (except for feeding and watering, of course), hoping she’ll mellow out and not hurt her babies out of stress.

The neighbor we bought our does from has offered to trade us a dressed buck for a live female from our month-old litter. He just reluctantly sold the only doe left from the litter our two came from, and he wants the bloodline back. This would be good for us because it would allow me to get a taste for rabbit meat and hopefully make it easier to deal with butchering our own. Because at one month old, they’re dangerously cute and do not resemble fricassee in the slightest. See?

In chicken news, I removed a very large black snake from a nestbox the other night and escorted him back to the woods. The hens were all nervous and indignant, but unharmed, and as long as he only steals the occasional egg, I’d prefer to keep him around. He did have an egg-sized bulge in his belly, but I discovered later that the golf ball decoy was missing from that nest. So it’s possible he got a very unpleasant surprise when he attempted to crack his dinner open.

Here’s a picture of a similar snake in the woods behind our house last summer. Might be the same one that was in the coop. Might just be another really big snake.

The baby chicks are all doing fine, and the duck continues to grow like a bad weed. The garden has been tilled several more times, incorporating aged rabbit and chicken poo, and I hope to start planting tomorrow. Things are really taking off around here, and I’m just trying to hang on tight and keep up with the pace!


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